• Purim in IsraelJoin us for an unforgettable evening filled with joy, laughter, and the vibrant spirit of Purim! Date: March 24 Time: 5:30 PM
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  • Jewish Kids ClubInspiring Jewish Pride and Identity in Jewish Children—the Future of Judaism. More info
  • Chabad Center for Jewish lifeAHWATUKEE Read More
  • Torah & TeaA women’s monthly get-together with torah, tea, and desserts. Learn More
  • Chai Club A passionate and committed group of monthly givers, from all walks of life, dedicated to the continuity of our Jewish community in Ahwatukee, showcasing the greatness that comes from giving from the heart. Join the Chai Club today!
Chabad of Ahwatukee is dedicated to reaching out to and interacting with the region's diverse Jewish community. we seek to provide space for the Jewish members of Ahwatukee to come together, helping and learning from one another. In this manner, together, we aim to light the torch of Jewish tradition and instill a sense of Jewish pride in the village of Ahwatukee.
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Learning & Inspiration
  • Midrash Is for LoversPart 2 of “Is Midrash For Real?” Read More
  • A Mother's Wisdom After Losing Her ChildPerla Zaltzman lost her daughter Mussia in a drowning accident. She opens up about how she coped wit... Read More
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Some people think there is no conflict between their work and their time for study, meditation and prayer. But, on the contrary, they complement one another: Start your day by connecting it to Torah—the day shines and all its parts work in synchronicity. Work honestly, carrying the morning’s...
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