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THANK YOU! WE DID IT! We raised $79,442 for Chabad of Ahwatukee! Thank you to our generous matchers for making this a possibility, and a HUGE thank you goes to YOU for seizing the opportunity to do good.

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Chabad of Ahwatukee 

Nestled deep in the East Valley region of the greater Phoenix metropolitan area, is the small urban village of Ahwatukee. It is home to some 2,000 Jewish individuals from a variety of backgrounds, lacking exposure to genuine Yiddishkeit. In the coming weeks, Rabbi Levi & Chaya Minsky will be moving to Ahwatukee to establish a new Chabad House.

Born and raised in Crown Heights, Levi grabbed every opportunity to seek out Shlichus independently. After spending the last few years traveling all across the country to help out different Shluchim, and flying to a multitude of locations to run Pesach Sedarim, Levi is eager to begin on his own. Chaya (née Deitsch) grew up in Chandler, a larger city that borders Ahwatukee. Building on her foundational childhood of helping her parents to spread Yiddishkeit in the desert, Chaya feels fortunate to be able to continue to do the same. 

Chabad of Ahwatukee is committed to reaching out to and connecting with the diverse Jewish population of the region. We are so excited to begin this journey of inspiring and growing together with our new community.

We seek to provide space for the Jewish members of Ahwatukee to come together, helping and learning from one another. In this manner, together, we aim to light the torch of Jewish tradition and instill a sense of Jewish pride in the village of Ahwatukee.

Together with your generous support, we will be able to introduce Ahwatukee to a world of warm Shabbos meals, stimulating and inspiring adult education classes, Jewish-flavored fun for kids, community bonding events, and so much more.

Your support is invaluable and the impact of your donation is immeasurable. Thank you for partnering with us in our Shlichus and making this dream a reality. Together, we can spread Yiddishkeit to the remotest of locations and bring Moshiach. 


Join us in our campaign as we raise $72,000 for our new shlichus! 

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Rabbi Levi & Chaya Minsky

Chabad of Ahwatukee

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